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When is the last time you spent several hours talking about what makes you amazing in life? Have you experienced the harsh realization that the world around you seems to only want to talk about what you need to improve on???  The reality is you can NOT impact areas of improvement as much as you can GROW/DEVELOP/IMPACT your STRENGTHS!  I want to talk to you about what makes YOU so GREAT in LIFE!



I only work with the WILLING


…and the skin in this game is Doing the Work and Paying the price



I am extremely grateful to work with Coach Tony! My confidence, my business, and my income has gotten to a whole new level! I now know that I can create anything I want for myself at any moment, and my life has become one giant possibility! Working with Coach Tony has definitely made my life SIMPLY THE BEST!

Teresa T

Hello Tony. you know how much I Absolutely enjoyed your comments it was powerful. You have so much insight, gentleness and love. Keep up the great work you are a joy.

Cheryl S

You have written words of inspiration directly to me after my surgery and I almost died. Thank you. Love ya for that.

Susan F

Your works really impact me. I need to read your books badly. Your post up there is just what I needed today. I have a wonderful marriage. Like all marriages it takes work. Thank you

Sarah C

I am able to choose differently because of your words Tony. I feel uncomfortable or bad when I make an error, mistake or feel like I said or did something wrong. And I am choosing to practice upgrading those thoughts and feeling to (it just is)(neither right or wrong) . Thank you Tony!! I am so very grateful for you!!

Jackie T

WOW! I am so enlivened with my new found level of life! If you would told me a year ago that I would have achieved what I have achieved over this past year I would have told you "you are insane!" AND I have built a 7 figure business, saved my marriage, AND have created the life I have always dreamed of!

Brad H

All you have to have is the desire and willingness to do the work to take it to the next level and Coach Tony will be with you every step of the way! I am back in the driver seat of my own life and loving every minute of it!

Lori D

You will be successful because of WHO you were uniquely created to be...not by TRYING to be someone you were never intended to be.

Who is

Tony Taylor

Who am I as a coach?

First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge you for taking the time to research on behalf of your self development – being in a coaching conversation can truly change your life so give yourself a pat on the back for being in action!!!

I am a unreasonable stand for people who are committed to being in action around their development and unleashing their ultimate potential.  I am a coach who will listen for your truth and challenge your status quo.  I will give you opportunities to take action in the in the things that are most important to you and the things you care most deeply about.  You, as a client, get to choose what you are committed to.  To me, coaching isn’t about information – it IS about transformation.  I have no approach or coaching template; you, yourself are the agenda – YOU are the approach.  You already have everything you need; this conversation will empower you to unleash and unfold in who you came here to be.

My undergraduate studies included Psychology, Communication, and Theatre – I possess a Masters Degree in Business Administration with a Marketing emphasis.  People have always been my passion and I am honored and blessed to be in the conversation of growth and development.  I am certified in several different coaching methods and primarily use Clifton Strengths and the Birkman Method.

I have personally coached a variety of people from: one on one coaching, to group and couples coaching, to cosmotologists , corporate executives and real estate professionals.  I help people create a clearing in their lives that allows what once seemed impossibile become possible.  After all, my motto is “Possibility makes life a game worth playing!”

So you made it this far!  You ready to have a conversation about what makes you so amazing?  Give me a call and see if its a fit – the only time to take action is right now!

Much LOVE and LIGHT to you on your journey!

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Possibility makes life a game worth playing!

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