I AM Coach Tony and I AM GRATEFUL you clicked in!

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Lights of Love KETV Feature


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Who Am I?

I am a Mindset coach that aids in helping people reach their ultimate potential. I believe anything is possible and it takes something to get what you want.

I am unstoppable, I am Grateful, I am a contribution, I am love.



Enlightening, transformational, life changing. If that’s what you are looking for from a coach, Then Tony may be just the one for you.


Coach Tony is amazing! I have worked with him in the past and see him consistently getting people where the want to be!


Coach Tony has immensely changed the culture within our company. To be able to understand other coworkers/employees strengths, weaknesses, thought process, etc, has allowed us to become more efficient and cohesive as a group.



There is a point in growth and development that you reach (no matter what industry) that you feel a need to GIVE BACK what you learned. I am here to give back.


I believe if you see something in the world that you could contribute to you should; from picking up a piece of trash to smiling and saying HI to all who cross your path - whatever it is - just let it be based in LOVE.

Listen to Coach Tony

Omaha is lucky to be the home of one of the premier Life Coaches in the industry, Coach Tony talks about how mindset matters; what you think about you bring about. The average person has up to 60K per day - and the majority get recycled the next day, and the next, and the next. The name of the game is to calibrate your thoughts to powerfully align with who you are and what you want.


Coach Tony and Angel Stottle are proud to partner with CHI Health Foundation and Lambrecht Glass Studios to create a vibrant three-stained glass window series called Lights of Love.

The windows will be installed in the chemotherapy lounge of the Henry Lynch Cancer Center at CHI Health CUMC-Bergan Mercy.

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