Conundrum of Love

Conundrum of Love

Opening up your heart and soul to another spiritual being having a human experience is tricky as the lens on either side of the love “magnify” and “project” irrelevant data. This data can skew what is really going on and make clear communication literally impossible.  Only from a “place of nothing” or a “clearing” can the magnification and projection be eliminated.

I am certain you can relate to why couples have such a difficult time communicating.  We didn’t realize we were listening to others through projection and magnification. Don’t believe me? Look at your last little upset or argument – its route was based in how one person wanted it done “their way.”  Only you know your truth and the person you are communicating with only knows their truth. When we project and magnify words and meanings from others we are doing so because we are listening through our truth not theirs.   Which is why only from a place of NOTHING or a clearing can we attempt to be successful in communication.

Again, your truth is YOUR TRUTH and only you know what it is.  However, allowing others truth to fall on deaf ears creates a similar complexity.  Now you are out of your own way as you are listening and communicating from a place of nothing – and whomever you are talking may have not done that work.  Create the safe space for that communication to land in and hopefully they will engage in the same act to another; the ripple effect.

Hearts are tender and fragile, there is no protecting them for they need to experience and ultimately gain the ability to love; even when it is seemingly undeserving.

It is easy to love when deemed as deserving and the truth is; Love is always deserving.

Thanks for reading and what makes this a TRANSFORMATIONAL message is the ACTION it motivates you to take  – notify me with any requests of expansion on this topic or clarification! You are so inspiring to me AND I acknowledge the divine love that you are!

Possibility makes life a game worth playing!

Coach Tony
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