Explode with Higher Level of Consciousness or Nuclear Warfare?

Explode with Higher Level of Consciousness or Nuclear Warfare?

The universe is on the brink of a massive change. It is either going to explode with a higher level of consciousness or explode from nuclear warfare. The choice is ours. We are all connected. There is no “place” that my spirit stops and your spirit starts. We are all of the same spirit.

Personally, I could not think of anything more polar opposite than nuclear warfare and elevated consciousness. Why would anyone choose nuclear warfare? Is the pain so deep? The reality so disgusting? The act of responsibility so daunting that the choice of, “end it all,” becomes the only option?

One human team.
Separation is nuclear annihilation.
Connection is elevated consciousness.

There is no “I”
There is only “WE”

Black/White, Male/Female, Skinny/Fat, Gay/Straight, Rich/Poor, Short/Tall, Smart/Dumb, Muslim/Christian, Extroverted/Introvert…these are ALL LABELS that currently separate us.

What if we connected as humans?
I will tell you what; the world would transform and it would work for everyone.
Connection, Self Expression, Love, Grace, and Gratitude would be the new words binding us together.

So what do you want?
YOU get to choose!

Thanks for reading AND what makes this a TRANSFORMATIONAL message is the ACTION it motivates you to take. Anything is possible. You get to choose! If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

Possibility makes life a game worth playing!
I do what I do because of you,

Coach Tony

My Signature Strength Set:
Adaptability * Competition * Maximizer * Individualization * Activator
Connectedness * Relator * Command * Input * Empathy
Self-Assurance * Ideation * Futuristic * Developer * Positivity