Positively You

Positively You

According to the Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment, the chance of someone having the same first 5 strengths as you is 1 in 33,000,000.  So my question is – Why be anything but the amazing you that you came here to be? The world has forgotten what a miracle we all are. You came here to be perfectly, divinely, marvously YOU!

Of course we have common interests with our fellow humans and even common strengths – I just want to remind you that you should feel different; it means you have taken the first step against the grain.  Somewhere in life, typically around high school, we begin to latch onto other people and groups and begin to forget our perfect uniqueness.

You came here with a strength set that was only meant for you.  When you develop each of your strengths to their highest potential it will always result in being a contribution to others.  Each of your strengths have three developmental stages.

The first stage is underdeveloped.  In this stage of development you are using this strength to understand and fully support you and you alone.  Please do not let, “underdeveloped” as a lack or something missing. You are simply using this strength as “self.”  Whether you have realized it or not, your strength set is what makes you successful, and that becomes very clear in the coaching conversations I have with my clients.  

The second area of development is overdeveloped.  In this area you are fully using the strength for yourself and my find times that you are “running over” others with the strength.  What do I mean by that? For example, I myself am a life coach, and I have spent years coaching people – WHO WERE NOT ASKING FOR COACHING.  Just ask any of my close friends or family, I was unintentionally leaving people feeling not good enough when I was actually trying to help.  The development in this area has to do with reigning in the strengths.

The third area of development is utilizing your strengths to land as contribution.  I like to refer to strengths as horses that you can train and pull in and out of a barn.  Knowing what strength, or horse, to use when, is a game of mastery. You will begin to be able to operate your life from a strengths standpoint and pull out the right strengths at the right time.  Up until now you have been operating with whatever strength shows up in the moment. Imagine the power of choosing what strength at what moment; it is truly life changing

Thanks for reading AND what makes this a TRANSFORMATIONAL message is the ACTION it motivates you to take.  Anything is possible. You get to choose! Are you ready to know your strengths and take them to the next level?  Sign up for a free consultation on my website!

Possibility makes life a game worth playing!
I do what I do because of you,

Coach Tony

My Signature Strength Set:
Adaptability * Competition * Maximizer * Individualization * Activator
Connectedness * Relator * Command * Input * Empathy
Self-Assurance * Ideation * Futuristic * Developer * Positivity