Fear is an ILLUSION

Fear is an ILLUSION

Yeah – I said it – Fear is an illusion.  AND we live as though fear is a tall and mighty wall that is impossible to breakthrough.  Luckily, for us, fear is a thin sheer – an illusion – that only LOOKS like a wall and is easier to pass through than you could ever imagine.  Feel the fear and do it anyway. It really is as easy as “feeling the fear” and being in action regardless of the feeling.

Well if it truly is this easy why are we constantly stopped by fear?  The first answer to this question is because we live in a world that supports a conversation of separation and fear.  Whether you are launching a new business, falling in love with the person of your dreams, committing to a health and wellness plan, etc… one must step through fear to begin the journey. On the other side of fear is unlimited access to self expression, love, and connection. I am not ever joking when I say that ANYTHING you want for yourself and your life is possible – I can say that because I have experienced “the power of possibility” first hand.  This life doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with circumstances, sexual orientation, socio economic status, race, gender or any other box society wants to label you as.

All of these labels only reinforce the LIE and breeds fear:

“Adoption is separation.”

“Gay parents are inferior.”

“I can’t do that because I don’t have any money.”

“Your race determines your acceptance.”

“Girls are emotional and boys are mean.”

“Life is hard.”

All of these statements above are fear based lies in the world – the TRUTH is we are all connected; In the wise words of Mother Teresa, “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”  What we do, think, and say makes an impact on everyone and everything.

Once you can embrace the Truth that we all belong to each other the “fear” reveals itself as the illusion that it is.  Only then can you safely and lovingly continue the passionate actions that lead to your commitments in the Universe.

Thanks for reading and what makes this a TRANSFORMATIONAL message is the ACTION it motivates you to take.  You get to choose what comes out of your mouth. You get to choose to be in self care. You get to choose to be in action around affirming the people around you.  You get to choose. Make it a point to support today – feel the fear and do it anyway. Choose to be a loving contribution in every moment of every day!

Possibility makes life a game worth playing!

Coach Tony
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