Finding the HONOR not the Overwhelm

Finding the HONOR not the Overwhelm

The truth is, you do not “have to” do anything.  You choose the “games” you play in life. So with that choice, why not choose honor versus overwhelm?

Perfect Example:

People that choose to have children and then spend the next 18 years complaining about it.  Why not choose the honor and privilege that it is to have the miracle of children? 

How many parents do you know in life that are living in overwhelm?  I know that I can find myself in overwhelm with balancing my 3 fur babies, husband, elderly mom, several companies just as much as the next person.  Just because I am a life coach doesn’t mean I am perfect at life; I am just vulnerable enough to talk about it and want to do the work to live the best most powerful life.

The KEY is to slow-down and appreciate the honor and blessing that it is to be in contribution.  I want to give my fur babies the best life, I want the most amazing and powerful marriage, and I am committed to giving my mom the gift of her best 4th quarter.  That is the honor of this game called life; the honor of contribution.

So my request is to slow-down and recognize that you get to choose honor or overwhelm.  You are more powerful than you could ever realize. Choose powerfully and live with the honor of your choices.  

I love and honor you and the journey you are on.

Possibility makes life a game worth playing!
I do what I do because of you,

Coach Tony

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