You are a Meaning Making Machine

You are a Meaning Making Machine

There is nothing wrong here.  I am going to type that again – there is NOTHING WRONG HERE.  As human beings we make everything so significant. One of the magic keys to life is to live with limited meaning.  What I mean by that is finding the balance in meaning. Make your chosen relationships mean something but don’t make everything mean something.  

Clear as mud?  Good! In order to grow and develop you must learn to see things from ways you have never seen them before.  Lean into the discomfort and discover for yourself. Basically – do your work. 

Just take a look at your life, slow-down and pay attention to how many times throughout the day you make things “mean something.”  From a “look” you get from a co-worker to weather or not someone let you merge in traffic during a construction zone. If you are not noticing it constantly – you are not looking deep enough.  If you are authentically looking you should see it everywhere. 

You make EVERYTHING mean something.  And I would like to be clear, when I say “you,” I am included in that – I am saying “you” as in “human being.”  We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. AND with the human experience comes making everything mean something.

So my request is to slow down and pay attention in the moment of making something “mean something” and powerfully choose to allow meaning or not.  I honor you and you choices and the journey you are on.  

Possibility makes life a game worth playing!
I do what I do because of you,

Coach Tony

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