Leaving the Life Loop

We all know what the definition of insanity is right? “Doing something over and over again and expecting different results.”  Yet, why is it that we as human beings continue to repeat the same painful mistakes over and over and over again? Oh, and before I go any further, write this down: Expectations ALWAYS (100% of the time) lead to upset.  PM me on FB – send me an email – call my cell if you have any questions about the power of that statement.

Okay, back to the subject matter at hand, I would argue that we as human beings are not slowing down enough to pay attention to the recycling themes of our lives  in the first place. So first things first – SLOW DOWN. Take time in each day for reflection and connection. What I mean by “reflection” is to reflect upon your life and think about the things that are working and the things that are not working or not working as well as you would like them to.  It is equally important to spend time in connection with your purpose and what you want to be creating in your life. The clarity that comes with time in reflection and connection can really make a significant impact on your life! Your welcome!

If you see a theme or a repeating pattern in your world; lovingly look at what you are truly committed to creating or doing.  The reason I say, “lovingly look” is because I don’t want you to spiral in an abyss of shame and judgement. You will see that your current action isn’t aligned with your commitment and this miracle moment is where you get to choose what action or actions to be in that will align with what your committed to.  For example – if you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle and continue to smoke cigarettes you will experience a repeating roadblock until all of your actions align with your overall commitment of leading a healthy lifestyle. Not from a place of “judgement’ or “shame” just from the realm of “what is so.”

In creating the actions towards your commitment it is important to be realistic.  Downsize the actions into daily bitesize pieces that are attainable. As you may recognize from your own past, when we attempt to be in actions that are not downsized there is a tendency to create overwhelm which oftentimes leads to failure to be in action.  For example if you are currently a non-runner and you create a goal to run a marathon you wouldn’t (and we as humans do this all the time) have your first ever run be the full marathon. The best way to achieve the goal of the marathon is to break up the training into achievable mini-goals that lead to successfully running the marathon.  Running isn’t the only training involved, you would also think about eating habits, hydration, stretching, etc… Can you see that when we are gentle with ourselves we have the ability to create anything? Can you begin to see the potential of what is possible?

Please remember that this practice goes against the grain of what the human being is set up to do.  Which is why when you look around at the world there are so many resigned and stuck human beings; they haven’t yet tapped into their unlimited potential.  Choosing a path of growth and development is not a superior path within the human experience it is just an alternate path that leads to alternate results; you get to choose what you want to create in life.

So remember when dealing with a recurring theme in life that leaves you wanting to take a new and different action read this:

From a place and space of nothing is wrong, there only is what there is, comes freedom and self-expression to create power and take new actions that lead to what you are committed to.  New actions always create new results; not better or worse – just new results. If the actions you are taking do not lead to what you are committed to –

TAKE A NEW ACTION that results in “said commitment.”

I want to acknowledge you and thank you for taking the time to read my blog!  I know that everyone is busy and it takes a passionate action to engage in a conversation like this!  Thank you for being that someone! What makes this a TRANSFORMATIONAL message is the ACTION it motivates you to take.  Please reach out if you have any questions or are interested in starting a coaching conversation!

Possibility makes life a game worth playing!

Coach Tony
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