The Nitty Gritty “Ity”

The Nitty Gritty “Ity”

  1. Vulnerability – houses connection and creativity.
  2. Integrity – houses who you are in the listening of yourself and others.
  3. Authenticity – houses alignment of self.

Rest of the “ity” – Responsibility, Individuality, positivity…

Vulnerability is the access to connection.  You can not form a deep, meaningful, connected relationship with a wall.  You must break down the walls you have built and allow people in; as scary as that may seem.  Vulnerability also houses creativity – think of artists – raw and authentically themselves; sharing their masterpieces with the world.  Please notices the trouture that also comes with creativity; lies of perfection, self doubt, outside criticism – all of which slowly eat away at the artist.  From Robin Williams to Marilyn Monroe we could have loved and supported them more.

Integrity – being whole and complete.  Do what you say your going to do by the time you say your going to do it.  I like to think of integrity as a bicycle wheel – when all the spokes are present it is whole and complete – when you lose a couple of spokes it is still workable and eventually it will not be able to function.  Similar is seen in the life of a human; without integrity nothing works.

Authenticity – knowing exactly who you are and who you are not while being 100% self expressed with no compromises.  As you can see in children an uncompromising realness. Children have no care in the world, they are 100% self expressed willing to leap into creativity and share openly and honestly.  Somewhere in the teenage years authenticity gets replaced with “fitting in” and then we spend the rest of our adulthood trying to rediscover it.

I am never going  to promise this is easy.  I will always promise that it is worth it.  The ability to develop and transform these three areas of your life will elevate you to a life that is currently unrecognizable.  I love you for considering this transformative conversation.