The Key is Connection

The Key is Connection

What if the world wasn’t as “scary” as people say it is.  What if the world was actually filled with endless opportunities to get what you wanted out of life?  The choice is actually yours. You get to choose how you view the world; scary or filled with endless opportunities.  I choose the latter.

Discover for yourself and test it out.  Take a look at the relationships you have in your life and pick one that you haven’t been as connected as you would like to be.  Pick up the phone and text, call, email, IM or whatever avenue you choose to use and engage with that person. Let them know that you have been meaning to get in touch and would love to schedule a lunch or a time to chat on the phone.  Did that action of getting in contact scare or overwhelm you? If it did – feel the fear and be in action anyway.  

The more action that you are in your life with the relationships that you have – the more results you are going to produce.  Actions always produce a result. If you have relationships that are not working or not working as well as you would like them to take on a NEW action.  

The answer to deeper relationships is actually quite simple; vulnerability.  The more vulnerable you are, the more willing you are to share yourself – the more comfortable you make it for others to be vulnerable with you.  It all starts with you. Be vulnerable and stay connected to those you care about! If you haven’t already listened to Brene Brown’s Ted Talk on vulnerability – now is the time – you can thank me later.

Thanks for reading AND what makes this a TRANSFORMATIONAL message is the ACTION it motivates you to take.  Anything is possible. You get to choose! Are you ready to engage in a new action in a relationship? I am always available for questions AND if you are interested in coaching sign up for a free consultation on my website!

Possibility makes life a game worth playing!
I do what I do because of you,

Coach Tony

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